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regional animal support and protection sub-fund

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regional animal support and protection sub fund

The principal purpose of the Regional – ANIMAL SUPPORT & PROTECTION Sub-fund is to build a corpus from which earnings can be allocated to fund organisations and projects which support and protect the welfare of animals specifically within Ballarat and our surrounding region.

This Sub-fund could be of particular interest to persons wishing to leave a bequest which supports animals either in a general sense or with specific instructions. Through this fund your legacy can continue to support this area, close to your heart for generations to come. Please talk to us to understand how this might work for you.

This Sub-fund covers the well-being, support and protection of animals and birds in the categories of:

  • Domestic pets,
  • Animals native to the country and region, in their natural habitat and in captivity,
  • Working animals, including farming, support of impaired humans such as seeing eye dogs, and
  • Animals used for sporting pursuits.

The defined region is the geographic area defined as being within the regional boundaries of The Ballarat Foundation. In general terms this covers the local government areas of the Ararat Rural Shire, the Pyrenees Shire, the Hepburn Shire, the Moorabool Shire, the City of Ballarat and the western half of the Golden Plains Shire. It is also acknowledged that work undertaken outside these general boundaries may be required to provide a benefit with the region.

You can simply include this fund in your will by nominating The Ballarat Foundation as a beneficiary with a specific instruction in favour of the Regional Animal Support & Protection Sub-fund.

If you would like more information or if you are interested in donating money or property to this fund please contact the CEO in confidence to discuss your wishes.

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