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Create a Sub-Fund

You can establish a sub-fund named for a cause, a specific charity, in memoriam or named after a donor or corporate entity*.

The sub-funds operate as management accounts for the purpose of tracking donations and grants attributed to a donor and/or a cause. The Ballarat Foundation manages all aspects of the funds and reports regularly to sub fund holders on fund balances and activity.

We take our governance and reporting requirements seriously – we are a registered charity with the Australian Charities and Not For Profit Commission and all annual reports and organisational details are publicly available.

All funds are pooled for investment purposes utilising leading investment firm JB Were. The income generated by these investments is distributed back to the community through our annual grants program. This means our funds held in perpetuity drive positive community impact again and again.

We encourage our sub fund holders to be active participants in driving outcomes which are supported by donations.

You can request to establish a sub-fund by contacting us on 03 5331 5555 or info@ballaratfoundation.org.au  We can tailor a solution according to your intended investment, interests and passions.

*Conditions apply for different forms of investment, please contact us to discuss your personal situation.

Some examples of existing named & in memoriam sub-funds can be found at funds supporting the community.