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Housing Support Fund

Help us to combat Ballarat's hidden housing crisis.

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Homelessness is Ballarat's hidden crisis. Capacity to support people who are housing insecure is limited and the long-term needs for sustainable ways of reducing homelessness is yet to meet increasing demand.

In 2021, the Ballarat Foundation partnered with the Committee for Ballarat Future Shapers participants and Compassion Ballarat at a forum to discuss solutions to reduce homelessness in our region. At the forum, we announced the creation of the Housing Support Fund with the purpose of building a sustainable resource to support the elimination of homelessness in Ballarat.

The Ballarat Foundation's sees a role in creating local solutions for local problems and is seeking community support to build capital funds and create partnerships which drive projects which make a real difference.

The Housing Support Fund will provide charitable distributions from the fund within the Ballarat district to enable:

• Innovative or new housing infrastructure initiatives aimed at reducing homelessness

• Grants for homeless support services to build on existing or create new programs aimed at reducing homelessness

Donate now or to learn more about becoming a fund partner, contact 03 5331 5555 or info@ballaratfoundation.org.au