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Cost of Living Survey

*Survey closes Saturday 30th September.

Increased living costs in Ballarat affect various aspects of residents' lives, impacting their financial stability, well-being, and overall quality of life. The Ballarat Foundation has developed a survey so that we can begin to address problems related to the issue.

As part of the innovative work through the Vital Signs project, we are asking community members to get involved by completing the survey. This will provide information about how the cost of living crisis is impacting the community.

We are utilising information from this survey to understand areas of needs, and to help inform our decision making. It's essential to gather data and insights through the survey to identify challenges faced by the community.

Survey responses are anonymous and represent the voices of our community. Participating ensures that your concerns and experiences are accurately represented in discussions about cost of living issues.

Complete Survey 

Complete the survey and you could win! One lucky participant will win $200 to go towards your next grocery shop.