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Terms and Conditions

Terms and Conditions

The Ballarat Foundation is committed to good governance processes and transparency in operations. The following Terms and Conditions are set out to clearly inform donors how your funds will be applied to support our community.

Donation Terms & Conditions

Ballarat Foundation Tax Status

As an Item 1 DGR entity, The Ballarat Foundation is able to receive tax deductible funds from any donor, including individuals, non-charitable organisations and other philanthropic organisations.

Due to the Ballarat Foundation's DGR1 status, there is no need for the organisation receiving a grant from the foundation to be a deductible gift recipient under tax law, however all beneficiaries must be charitable and align with the vision and mission of the Ballarat Foundation.

All donations over $2 are tax deductible within Australia.

Donor Preferences

At the time of making a donation to the Ballarat Foundation, the donor can direct that the donation is made for either a general or specified purpose. Where a specified purpose is nominated, the Ballarat Foundation will always endeavour to meet a donor’s preference for causes, populations or geographies in line with our charitable purposes and objects, however the donor acknowledges that all donations made to the Ballarat Foundation are at our discretion.

If a donor’s preferences cannot be met, such as when a project cannot proceed or an organisation is no longer viable, the Ballarat Foundation will direct funds toward charitable activities which the foundation considers to reflect as closely as possible the charitable purposes the donor wished to support.

For more information, please call 03 5331 5555.