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Ballarat Foundation United Way Inc is a DGR1 status, not-for-profit public benevolent institution which has been supporting the Ballarat community for 41 years.


Enabling giving to build thriving communities free from disadvantage in the Ballarat region.


The Ballarat Foundation inspires positive community change by supporting programs and enabling philanthropic solutions which reduce disadvantage and encourage connection, cohesion and prosperity.    

Key Values:


We are accountable to our donors, partners and the communities we serve.  We are good stewards of the funds we raise and will ensure our distributions and reporting are transparent.  


We amplify our impact by working in partnership with others to build a strong community. 


We are a leader and innovator in philanthropy.  


We embrace and promote inclusivity and equity. We are committed to actively supporting and promoting diversity across leadership, staff, volunteers, participants and grant recipients.  

2024-2028 Strategy