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The Ballarat Foundation is an experienced and trusted community foundation servicing the Ballarat community. Our sub funds are the lifeblood of our approach to creating a positive impact.

Ballarat Foundation community grants are supported by donations and gifts in wills held in sub funds. These sub funds are pooled and invested with the income generated used to support positive community outcomes parochially in the Ballarat region. JB Were Philanthropic Services manages the Ballarat Foundation investment portfolio.  

The community foundation model seeks to create legacy giving which delivers ongoing positive impact. It enables all community members to contribute to creating a better Ballarat.  

In 2022, the foundation distributed more than $370,000 in community grants and assistance to the Ballarat region.  All donations to sub funds are tax deductible. Our fund options are: 

Named Fund; Corporate Fund; Specific Purpose Fund; Donate to an existing fund. 

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Our existing funds include:

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The Ballarat Foundation are proud members of Community Foundations Australia.