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The Courier Charity Fund

The Courier Charity Fund was established in July 2002 as a long-term community commitment, operating as a Sub Fund of The Ballarat Foundation.

It has benefited and will continue to benefit regional-based charity organisations for specific, tangible projects.

The Fund grew out of frustration. The Courier was previously involved in charity drives where the amount of hard work was never reflected in the amount raised.

The aim is to have enough invested to be able to give away a sizeable amount each year without touching the capital invested. It will then become a fitting legacy for future generations and reflect The Courier’s role in the community since its inception in 1867.

The Courier Charity Fund has done an extremely effective job of raising funds through engaging the community in events ranging from black tie dinners and a visit from RocKwiz to the building of two houses and the renovation of a third, as well as numerous other smaller functions. Taking a lot of hard work but equally providing fun and rewards of generosity to the many individuals and organisation involved, The Courier Charity Fund provides a great model for others to mirror.

The Courier Charity Fund plays a vital role supporting, contributing to and utilising The Ballarat Foundation’s community strengths. The Fund has the independence to create its own outcomes, whilst achieving efficiencies through the statutory and administrative requirements undertaken by The Foundation.

Jointly we are growing a community owned philanthropic legacy to benefit generations to come.