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How we help

The Ballarat Foundation is a catalyst for positive community change by enabling philanthropic solutions to social problems.

We promote socially responsible giving, engage donors, build community partnerships, deliver grants and operate programs which reduce disadvantage and encourage  connection, cohesion and prosperity.


Community impact is a core focus for the Ballarat Foundation. We measure our success by the level of positive impact we create.

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The Ballarat Foundation allocates funding annually through a number of different grant opportunities. These grants are open to any charity or community projects and projects which meet the application criteria.

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The Ballarat Foundation is an experienced and trusted DGR1 status Public Benevolent Institution servicing the Ballarat community. Our sub funds are the lifeblood of our approach to creating a positive impact.

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Success stories

Over the past three years, the incredibly generous support of the Ballarat Foundation has enabled almost 2900 meals to be enjoyed by Meals for Change members.

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